Interns - Contact details

As part of the programme 'Year of enterprises 2022-23' to start one lakh enterprises, the Directorate of Industries & Commerce has appointed 1153 interns for a year on contract basis at all Local Self Government Institutions (Panchayat/ Municipality/ Corporation) across the State. The main function of the interns is to identify potential entrepreneurs to start enterprises in the areas within the respective local bodies and to provide them with the necessary guidance and hand holding support to avail licenses, loan & other infrastructure facilities. As part of the scheme, a fixed number of enterprises have to be started this year within each local body. Target has been assigned to each intern to start a fixed number of enterprises by providing hand holding support.

Entrepreneurs are identified through general awareness campaigns conducted at the local self government level and in collaboration with various departments, agencies and clubs. Potential entrepreneurs can contact the interns assigned to the respective local bodies for more information. The details of the interns are given below.