Private Industrial Estate Development Scheme

The scheme envisages creation of more employment opportunity by way of developing areas/estate suitable in private land for the purpose of establishing more industrial enterprises across the state in an easy to do business environment. The state suffers from the scarcity of industrial land and the demand is soaring up.

The minimum extent of land for developing a Private Industrial Estate is 10 acres and for establishing a Standard  Design Factory is five acres. The land proposed should not fall under ESA /CRZ/ / Paddy Land /Wet Land. Entities owning and possessing  a minimum of 10 acres of land shall apply online to obtain the Private Industrial Estate Developer Permit. If the Private Industrial Estate is proposed in an extent of land above 15 acres exemption under KLR Act 1963 will be granted by Government.

The Directorate of Industries and Commerce shall verify  the application and examine the feasibility of the site and the project and will submit the same to a  high level committee comprising the Secretaries to Government of Industries, Finance, Revenue, Local Self Government, Water Resources, Power and Environment. The Committee shall dispose the applications within 30 days of receipt. Industries Department in Government shall issue Private Industrial Estate Developer Permit on getting approval of the Committee. The Financial assistance extended by Government will be 30 lakhs per acre subject to a maximum of Rs. 3 Crores towards building in Infrastructure Facilities such as electricity, water, transport facilities (road), drainage facility, ETP/CETP and Common Facilities.

Each Private Industrial Estate will be under Single Window Clearance Board with reference to the Kerala Industrial Single Window Clearance Board and Industrial Township Area Development Act 1999. The Private Industrial Estate Developer Permit shall specify with the time lines, Infrastructure Facilities and utilities the developer will put in.

The land in the Private Industrial Estate shall be allotted only to Industrial Enterprises. Vehicle showrooms, shopping complexes and Malls or any retail outlets will not be permitted inside Private Industrial Estate.

An online portal has been developed for submission of applications.Applications applied online will considered for further processing


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